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The «Cambra de Combustio» project is an exhibition carried out in collaboration by the artist Albert Pinya (Palma, 1985) and the ceramic artist Català Roig (Palma, 1973). The process of these two creators is intertwined in this exhibition to create an installation that aims to take the union of two media to the limit of their expressive possibilities.

Sound Made By JL Vives & Xavier Barbera


We propose a sound visit to the workshop of ceramist Pere Català-Roig, where he works side by side with the painter Albert Pinya in this series.


We are in Pòrtol, in the center of Mallorca, in a typical Mediterranean landscape, surrounded by olive trees, almond trees and carob trees. A placid atmosphere prevails on a spring day. The birds will accompany us throughout the session...


Upon entering, we find Pere and Albert immersed in an intense creative process, where the sounds of the materials they work with alternate: the lathe, the scrapers, the hands working the clay and the brushes, intermingling with the sounds of machinery: ovens, extractors and sanders...


Its totems and hieroglyphs suggest an ethnic and tribal rhythm and drive. We hear how the sounds of the workshop are organized into rhythms where we add some simple melodies inspired by his art, resulting in a very special soundscape.


Welcome to the Cambra de Combustio.

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